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BLACK & WHITE  Group Show

31st August Ambush gallery



SIDEWAYZ  Group Show at Global Gallery

Thursday 23rd August - Saturday 1st September 2012




Simon Lovelace  A11

Wednesday 25th July - Friday 10th August 2012





Simon Lovelace  NOICON at Salerno Gallery

Thursday 18th August 2011






Simon Lovelace  Recent Works

Saturday 18th - Monday 27th December 2010






Simon Lovelace SAY NOTHING at Art Sydney 2010

Saturday 11th - Sunday 14th November

Royal Hall Of Industries Moore Park




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KONVOLUT @ blank_space gallery

Thur 10th - Wed 16th Sept 09

By Lachlan Stuart

Lovelace returns with a ‘blam blam’ up side the head, the kind you forgot you needed.

A cool return to his classic comic style albeit with a slicker technique. The new works all shimmering under a resin ‘glass’ coating.

The look reminds one of those precious antique superhero comics that never get touched by the human hand due to the protective sleeve they live in. A perfect fit for Lovelace as well.

Lovelace is using architectural low res backgrounds on his trusted timber bases which make his characters ‘pop’ even more. This technique adds to the mystery of both subject matter and the possible story from which each frame seems to be lifted. Giving the collection a cool detective noir aspect, think ‘Watchmen’ does Surry Hills.

In Storm Crow the most significant piece in the Konvolut show we find a monster mash of pop iconology. Storm, the raven haired lass we’ve all seen in a thousand tattoos to the Japanese ink running down her thigh to the crow perched in the frame. Possibly a wink the modern gothic film which leans so heavily on the metropolis which feature so often as the deco backdrop which maps to our very own Sin City.

In [I want to live like] common people we see the pop references mixed with the ancient. The iconographic Jesus standing on a train between a rockabilly in cheetah pants and cartoon kids. The scene is anything but common. It may even be the second coming.

Lovelace’s most considered exhibition to date. A must see for both the local East Sydney art pack and the collector with his ear to the ground.